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What Nate Stands For

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Stronger Schools and Family Supports in Ward 7

As Councilmember, Nate will work to make Ward 7 schools among the best in the District through universal afterschool programs, empowering youth, expanding mentorship opportunities, and connecting schools with organizations offering support and resources

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Nate’s Support Plan

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Universal Afterschool Programs

This initiative will engage Ward 7 youth effectively after school and during summer, striving to connect all youth to high-quality afterschool opportunities of their choice at no or minimal cost to families. Programs include life skills courses, STEM programs, family book clubs, and civic engagement activities. These programs will also focus on preventing educational loss during summer months and correcting educational losses that occurred during the pandemic.

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Expanding Youth-Based Community Engagement

Nate will establish the DC Youth Council to formally engage youth with DC Council staff and organizations, empowering them as community leaders. Nate will also increase connections between youth and impactful organizations and programs, including hosting conferences and townhalls focusing on students in the juvenile court system and homeless students.

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Decreasing Truancy

Ward 7 has witnessed an increase in students opting not to attend school after the COVID-19 pandemic, during which students were expected to attend school remotely. Nate advocates for special outreach initiatives targeted at students with records of chronic absenteeism that provide incentives for school attendance.

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Increasing Mentorship Opportunities

Nate advocates for expanding Community Schools in DC, which integrate academics, health, social services, and community engagement. Additionally, Nate proposes developing various mentorship programs targeting elementary to high school students in areas like life skills, academic interests, and juvenile justice.

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Trauma-Based Mental Health/Mentoring

Nate will push to the establishment of a network of providers offering mental health services as part of afterschool programs in community centers, recreation centers, and churches. This network aims to align strategy and action among public, private, and community-based efforts to reduce violence.

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Developing a Community Partner Database for Schools

Nate will support the construction of a database system connecting schools with community organizations offering support and resources. This system will enable school administrators to filter organizations based on mission and capacity, facilitating stronger, timely relationships.

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Expect More! Support Nate Fleming for Ward 7 Councilmember to Build a Safe and Healthy Ward 7

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