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What Nate Stands For

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Employment and Entrepreneurial Opportunities

As Councilmember, Nate will be committed to bringing lucrative employment and entrepreneurial opportunities to Ward 7 residents. Nate realizes that good paying jobs are needed to enable individuals to support themselves and their families in this period of economic inflation. He also knows that dramatically increased entrepreneurial financial assistance programs are long overdue for Ward 7.

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Nate’s Employment and Entrepreneurial Plan

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Securing Funding for Community Investment Fund for Entrepreneurs

Nate proposes creating a Ward 7 Community Investment Fund (CIF), providing access to capital for entrepreneurs in Ward 7. This fund would support new and existing business owners to remain in our community and benefit from development without displacement.

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Creating Employment Programs for Youth and Young Adults

Nate envisions a transformative jobs program for young adults that integrates government projects and infrastructure training. This includes arts-based tracks and mentorship, with an emphasis on engaging young adults in community groups and nonprofits.

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Connecting Residents to High-Demand Jobs

Nate will push for the development of a Ward 7 Opportunity and Innovation Hub. This hub will provide job-related services, resources, and training in a central location, offering career counseling, resume assistance, and direct job placement.

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Universal Basic Income Pilot (FLEX DC)

Nate will advocate for the implementation of a Universal Basic Income program to alleviate poverty and reduce bureaucratic involvement in need-based social programs. This program will include initiatives like FLEXDC BabyBonds and payments programs for low-income mothers.

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Reducing Fines and Fees Obstructing Employment

Nate supports the establishment of a task force to review fees and fines impacting low-income residents and communities of color, inspired by initiatives like San Francisco’s Financial Justice Project. This includes reducing various administrative fees to remove obstacles to employment.

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Supportive Programming for Youth at Risk of Violence Involvement

Nate would work to create a dedicated employment program at the Department of Employment Services (DOES) for youth disconnected from school with a history of justice system involvement. This program will include educational engagement, trauma-informed cognitive behavioral therapy, wraparound services, and summer employment.

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