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What Nate Stands For

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Affordable Housing

Ward 7 is becoming unaffordable to many and Nate has a plan to preserve and create affordable housing in order to ensure that longtime Ward 7 residents can remain in their homes as more economic activity enters the ward.

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Nate’s Affordable Housing Plan

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Support for Community Land Trusts

Nate is in favor of developing a Community Land Trust in DC. This Trust will acquire housing, focusing on a defined geographical area. Its goal is to serve low-income and disadvantaged populations, ensuring a robust stock of permanently affordable housing, with a commitment to long-term preservation and stewardship of housing affordability.

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Creating Homeownership Opportunities

Nate’s plan includes an outreach and capacity-building program to promote homeownership for Ward 7 residents and residents East of the River. This program will emphasize financial literacy, asset accumulation, and credit counseling, aiming to prepare residents for homeownership through down payment assistance and other supports.

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Exploring the Social Housing Model

Nate agrees with exploring the Social Housing Model, inspired by Vienna, Austria’s approach to affordable housing. This model involves the city buying land for residential development, soliciting proposals from private developers, and ensuring affordable housing for lower and moderate-income residents. Rents would be regulated to ensure affordability.

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Expect More! Support Nate Fleming for Ward 7 Councilmember to Build a Safe and Healthy Ward 7

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