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What Nate Stands For

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Healthy Ward 7

Super Food for Healthy Eating
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Expanding Access to Healthy Food Options

Nate will work to bring more healthy eating options to Ward 7, including grocery stores and restaurants. Being able to easily access fruits, vegetables, and other fresh foods is essential to healthy outcomes for Ward 7 residents.

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Assisting Older Adults with Health Challenges

Older adults facing health problems may encounter difficulties navigating Medicare and Medicaid programs. Organizations that provide supportive services to older adults need more funding to reach more individuals and expanded programing to ensure older adults are assisted through every step of accessing healthcare when necessary.

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Mental Health Services as Part of Afterschool Programs

Mental health services need to be integrated into afterschool programs. These services should be offered in community centers, recreation centers, and churches, emphasizing a youth engagement-driven network of providers.

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Trauma-Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Youth

Nate recognizes that we need to provide trauma-informed cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for youth. This involves equipping caring adults in families, schools, and communities to be opportunity navigators, thereby fostering a supportive environment for youth.

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Expanding High-Quality Trauma-Informed Mental Health Services

The DC government should expand access to high-quality, trauma-informed mental health services in communities of high need. This includes developing a network of organizations and facilitating citywide commitment to planning and coordination in preventing and reducing violence.

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Expect More! Support Nate Fleming for Ward 7 Councilmember to Build a Safe and Healthy Ward 7

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