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What Nate Stands For

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Community Safety Plan for Ward 7

As Councilmember, Nate will execute a plan to bring about short-term and long-term solutions to violent crime. Ward 7 residents deserve to move about their communities without fearing for their safety. Every child in Ward 7 deserves to live out their childhood kiwithout worrying about adult concerns like violent crime.

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Nate’s Safety Plan

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Advance Community-Based Policing

There is a gap between the Ward 7 community and law enforcement officers. Nate plans to enhance the functions of the Police Complaints Board (PCB) so that citizen complaints are better used to improve MPD recruitment, training, evaluation, discipline, and supervision of police officers. Nate supports substantive police reform that centers the priorities of the community and builds trust between law enforcement and community members.

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Coordinating Violence Intervention Efforts

The strategy involves creating a task force to coordinate efforts across various offices and programs like the Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement, Cure The Streets, and the Office of Gun Violence Protection. This task force will aim to focus on interrupting cycles of violence, particularly targeting those at the highest risk of violence involvement. Given the recent rise in violent crime committed by youth, Nate supports devising violence intervention efforts targeted directly toward young people

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Reducing Gun Violence

The proliferation of guns in our community has contributed to the increase in violent crime fatalities that Ward 7 is currently experiencing. MPD should focus on gun crime rather than petty crime and intercept illegal gun transactions and use deterrence messaging to discourage young adults from obtaining their first firearm.

Health Care and Social Assistance
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Relationship-based Approach to Policing

Nate advocates for relationship-based policing, where the community is seen as a true partner in crafting safety. This approach is aimed at building trust and police legitimacy, with tailored strategies for specifically for Ward 7.

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Enhancing Gun Violence, Domestic Violence Diversion, and Victim Services Programs

This involves building a network of trauma-informed victim services organizations and expanding street outreach services. Increased funding will be directed to existing programs to improve their quality and expand their capacity.

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Reducing Recidivism through Incarceration to Incorporation Program

Nate will expand the Incarceration to Incorporation Entrepreneurship Program (IIEP) is focused on addressing unemployment and re-incarceration rates among returning citizens. This program is designed to educate, train, and assist them in becoming socially responsible entrepreneurs, involving multiple departments like the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Greater Economic Opportunity, Department of Employee Services (DOES), and the Department of Small and Local Business Development. Nate will push for increased housing assistance for returning citizens.

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Increasing Opportunities for DC-born Residents in the Metropolitan Police Department

Nate’s plan will increase the representation of DC-born residents and those from communities at risk of violence in the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). The plan includes expanding and fully funding programs like the cadet program, particularly targeting high school students.

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